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Technical Preview TP2401 is out, and has lots of new features but failed to install due to an error with prerequisites

Introduction ConfigMgr is still being developed despite it’s apparent near death experience on Twitter recently. I tested upgrading to TP2401 but it failed the prerequisite check immediately. The failure didn’t add up so I had to contact Microsoft Product Group … Continue reading

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ARM64 support for OSD added to Configuration Manager

Introduction The Configuration Manager team at Microsoft have been busy and have released a new Technical Preview release, this time version 2311. This release has several new features but the one I find most interesting is the addition of ARM64 … Continue reading

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A quick look at Configuration Manager 2307 Technical Preview

Introduction The Configuration Manager technical preview release cadence produces less releases this year compared to previous years, but at least a new one is now released and it includes a lot of useful changes. The last technical preview release was … Continue reading

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Technical Preview 2305 is out – should you upgrade ? YES

Introduction Configuration Manager Technical Previews are not released every month as they used to be,  the last Technical Preview release was TP2303. The focus clearly is now on Cloud and AI related stuff like CoPilot. However we now finally have … Continue reading

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Technical Preview 2302 is out

Introduction Microsoft is busy pushing out more technical preview releases for Configuration Manager, the second release this year is version 2302. Although previously mentioned in an earlier release, the name has changed from Microsoft Endpoint Manager to Microsoft Configuration Manager … Continue reading

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Quick tip: Free up space on your ConfigMgr server

Introduction While waiting for the next Technical Preview release of ConfigMgr version 2301, I noticed my lab server operating system drive C:\ was running out of space. Only 12.0 GB free ! In the past I’ve seen ConfigMgr upgrades abort … Continue reading

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Technical Preview 2209 is out, adds improvements to search in the console and dark mode theme

Introduction Microsoft recently released another technical preview release for Configuration Manager (MEMCM) namely Technical Preview 2209. I upgraded my lab to see what was new, and during the upgrade I noticed a warning in the Update Pack Installation Status, so … Continue reading

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Technical Preview 2208 is out, adds RBAC for tenant attached devices

Introduction Microsoft have released Technical Preview for ConfigMgr 2208, and with it a new RBAC feature for tenant attached devices. ConfigMgr 2208 now supports Intune role-based access control (RBAC) in addition to Configuration Manager RBAC for tenant attached devices. You … Continue reading

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New video: First looks at Distribution point content migration in Configuration Manager 2207

Introduction I blogged about the new feature here, please refer to that blog post for more technical details. In this video I show you the steps needed to complete a content migration from one distribution point (cmg/cdp/dp) to another.

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First looks at Distribution point content migration

Introduction Microsoft released another Technical Preview release, this time 2207, and it has a new feature, Distribution point content migration. According to the official blog post this will come in handy when you need to migrate your distribution point content … Continue reading

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Technical Preview 2204 is out, brings ADR organization, Admin service + dark mode improvements

Introduction A big bunch of Enterprise Mobility MVPs and other geeks are on their way to MMSMOA, lucky them, I wish I was going too, but some of us are left behind. I upgraded my Technical Preview lab to see … Continue reading

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Enabling dark-mode in Configuration Manager 2203

Introduction Microsoft have pushed out Technical Preview 2203 and it has a list of features detailed here. I covered escrowing Bitlocker info here already, but now let’s have a quick look at the dark-mode theme. The dark mode theme is … Continue reading

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Escrow BitLocker recovery password to the site during a task sequence in Configuration Manager 2203

Introduction Update: Microsoft have now released Configuration Manager 2203 and it contains this and other amazing new features. Microsoft released Technical Preview Configuration Manager version 2203 and it contains some cool new features, one of which is the ability to … Continue reading

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Technical Preview 2202 – delete collection references

Introduction Microsoft have released another version of Configuration Manager (Technical Preview), this time it’s version 2202. It’s got a list of new features detailed here. One of those new features is the ability to delete a bunch of collections referenced … Continue reading

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Technical Preview 2201 – Tenant attach is now GA

Introduction Microsoft recently released Technical Preview 2201 of Configuration Manager. Here is the official information about that release and here are the features. One of the listed new features is the fact that tenant attach is now GA. What is … Continue reading

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