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The right way to find logs from your CMG

Introduction To review logs real time on my CMG in Azure I assumed that using RDP to do so was a good idea, but that got some interesting reactions on Twitter, and I was informed that it was unsupported. I … Continue reading

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OSD via boot media and CMG, available in TP2009

Introduction Microsoft have released Technical Preview 2009 and it contains a bunch of updates but one that’s very interesting is the ability to create bootable media to distribute to remote sites so that they can re-image via the CMG. This … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting BitLocker Management in ConfigMgr – Part 1. Server side

Introduction Microsoft blogged about Bitlocker Management capabilities back in May, 2019. They detailed how that would impact and evolve on the following three platforms.     Cloud-based BitLocker management using Microsoft Intune     On-premises BitLocker management using System Center Configuration Manager … Continue reading

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Fixing an evaluation version of SSRS with “HTTP Error 503. The Service is unavailable”

Introduction I was writing a blog post about Troubleshooting BitLocker Management in ConfigMgr 2002 Current Branch and one of the things I was trying to do was install the web portals, but I was seeing errors shown below. Get-ReportServiceUri : … Continue reading

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Running de-dup maintenance scripts after deleting hyper-v snapshots

Introduction I deleted several hyper-v snapshots to free up some space on my deduplicated nvme drive  on my Lenovo P1 hyper-v lab, as it was starting to get low. Below is roughly how much space was on the de-duplicated drive … Continue reading

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How can we utilize the Bitlocker Management feature during OSD with Endpoint Manager

Introduction I’ve had a lot of questions recently about people wanting to use the new BitLocker Management capabilities in Configuration Manager, and to make use of those abilities during OSD (Operating System Deployment). First things we need to keep in … Continue reading

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How can I replace an expired IIS certificate in a PKI enabled ConfigMgr environment

Introduction I was busy putting together another BitLocker Management OSD related blog post in one of my PKI enabled ConfigMgr labs (#11) when I noticed that PXE boot no longer worked. The virtual machine would attempt to PXE boot for … Continue reading

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Cool new features in Technical Preview 2008

Introduction Microsoft released TP2008 yesterday, more details here, but I was busy building my deck so I didn’t blog anything, but I did the upgrade and waited until today to see what’s new. And as usual, it’s a list of … Continue reading

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Configuring the Registered Owner and Organization in Windows Autopilot delivered PCs

Introduction I received a brand new HP Laptop (HP EliteBook 830 G6) to verify our current Autopilot setup, and I went through OOBE. All seemed well and I was curious about the version of Windows shipped so I ran WinVer. … Continue reading

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Technical Preview 2007 Timeline improvements

Technical Preview version 2007 was just released and it has some new features and even improvements to other features, one such improvement is with the Timeline feature. The device Timeline feature first showed up in Technical Preview version 2005. Before … Continue reading

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Technical Preview 2007 is out !

Introduction And just like that, another version of Microsoft Endpoint Manager is released, this time it’s 2007 (Year 20, Month 07). For details about what’s new in this release see the official blog post here, Once installed you can check … Continue reading

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Slides and recording from “New cloud features in Configuration Manager Technical Preview”

Introduction I recently did a presentation for a Belgian User Group where I talked about a bunch of cool features in Microsoft Endpoint Manager like Tenant Attach, the ability to install applications, run scripts, use CMPivot, cloud OSD and more. … Continue reading

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Triggering Evaluation of SMS_DesiredConfiguration Instances on a Client Using Powershell

Introduction It has always been possible to trigger evaluation of an SMS_DesiredConfiguration instance using the TriggerEvaluation method on the SMS_DesiredConfiguration. Here’s an example of that from fellow MVP Timmy. The only information needed to trigger the instance evaluation was the … Continue reading

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Microsoft Endpoint Manager TP2006 is out

Introduction Microsoft have released a new update to the Technical Preview version of Configuration Manager, this time it’s TP2006. This release contains numerous updates of which I’ll be testing them out over the coming days, for more info about what’s … Continue reading

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How can I calculate the cost of OSD content coming from my CMG ?

Introduction I recently blogged about using a Cloud Management Gateway to serve content for task media support for cloud based content and that blog post got a lot of likes and retweets on Twitter. In addition, there were several questions … Continue reading

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