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How can I renew an expired secret in an Azure Function app

Introduction If you’ve been looking at my guides, you’ll know that I’ve used httptriggers in functionapps to add functionality to Windows Autopilot, below are some examples of that. Adding devices to an Azure AD group after Windows Autopilot is complete – part … Continue reading

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Are non compliant devices dangerous ?

Introduction I’m currently blogging about a series of DEM in 20 webinars from 1E, you can find each episode that I’ve blogged about (including this one) below: Episode 1. How to find and fix Slow Endpoints Episode 2. That crashy … Continue reading

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Cloud attach – Endpoint Managers silver lining – part 9 renewing expiring certificates

Introduction This is part 9 in a series of guides about cloud attach in Microsoft Endpoint Manager, with the aim of getting you up and running with all things cloud attach. This part will focus on  renewing expiring certificates. This … Continue reading

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Prompting standard users to confirm or change Regional, Time Zone and Country settings after Windows Autopilot enrollment is complete

Introduction When users complete Windows Autopilot Out of Box Experience (OOBE), they can be asked to confirm Country and Keyboard settings, based on what is configured in the following Windows Autopilot Deployment Profile settings. Below is the Windows Autopilot deployment … Continue reading

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Checking for network cable connections before deploying an OS from the CMG via Software Center

Introduction Note: In a previous blog post I showed you how you can deploy an Operating System from a Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) using bootable media. That blog post assumed you had a working network connection (wired) and also required … Continue reading

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1E Tachyon 8 – focusing on what really matters

Introduction I’m no stranger to Tachyon, I’m currently blogging about it in this series. When I heard that a new version was about to be released I was definitely interested. I signed up and watched the 1E Tachyon 8 Launch … Continue reading

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How to USB boot a Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

Introduction I wanted to capture the (Intel based) factory image from a Microsoft Surface Laptop 4 before testing the equipment, and to do so I had to figure out how to boot from USB. This was a little bit tricky … Continue reading

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Using the updated & secure Retire My PC app via Company Portal

Introduction I previously posted a blog post showing you how your users can decommission their old domain joined PC using the Retire My PC app. I showed you how to create the app and deploy it via Software Center to … Continue reading

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Problems setting a timezone using Set-TimeZone

Introduction This is just a quick post to give some detail about a problem I dealt with, because when searching for it I got no direct hits to my specific problem, at least not for “Singapore Standard Time”. We prompt … Continue reading

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Forcing a time sync during Windows Autopilot OOBE to combat time related issues

Introduction I recently encountered an issue when after Windows Autopilot enrollment was completed, the end user was unable to browse on-premises network resources such as file shares when logged on with using the Windows Hello for Business login method. The … Continue reading

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Dem in 20, Will printer Audits continue to exist ?

Introduction I’m currently blogging about a series of DEM in 20 webinars from 1E, you can find each episode that I’ve blogged about (including this one) below: Episode 1. How to find and fix Slow Endpoints Episode 2. That crashy … Continue reading

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Technical Preview 2109 is out, update your console manually

Introduction Microsoft released another new Technical Preview release a few days ago with lots of cool features, but I got side-tracked as I struggled to get the console updated using the normal in-built methods. I saw various console upgrade errors … Continue reading

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Retrieve BitLocker recovery keys from Tenant attached devices in the MEM console

Microsoft recently added a new preview ability to the production version of ConfigMgr 2107. Aaron tweeted about it here. Below are the prerequisites. Prerequisites Configuration Manager site version 2107 or later Apply a Configuration Manager BitLocker management policy to the … Continue reading

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Fixing: “Total identified Windows installations: 0”

Introduction I bought a second hand replacement laptop for a mis-behaving Surface Pro 4 (jittery screen) and to save my time (the computer wasn’t mine) I decided to image it. Anyway, long story short, after I restored 82GB of data … Continue reading

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Technical Preview 2108 is out !

Introduction Microsoft have just released Technical Preview 2108, and it has some new features which I’ll take a look at here. The first feature is the ability to export the following to CSV Device Collections User Collections Devices Users Simply … Continue reading

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