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Microsoft Intune, incorporating Microsoft Intune standalone (cloud) and Microsoft Intune connected to Configuration Manager (hybrid)

Using Intune to enable WIP to protect Enterprise data on Windows 10 devices (MAM-WE)

Introduction In a previous post you reviewed what Windows Information Protection (WIP) is and how you can configure Intune to use it, you then deployed a WIP policy to a group of users and verified the end result on a … Continue reading

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Windows AutoPilot – questions and answers

Introduction Yesterday I attended an informative webcast with Meyyammai (Maya) Subramanian and  Michael Niehaus about Windows 10 AutoPilot entitled Webcast + live Q&A on Windows AutoPilot: July 27th. Windows 10 AutoPilot is the future of Windows deployment and uses elements from … Continue reading

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How can I configure BitLocker settings on Windows 10 devices managed by Intune

Introduction Security is a big focus for many companies, especially when it comes to data leakage (company data). Encrypting data on Windows 10 devices using BitLocker means that data is protected. Microsoft Intune got yet more updates on June 30th, … Continue reading

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What is Windows Information Protection and how can I use it to protect Enterprise data on Windows 10 devices using Microsoft Intune ?

Introduction Windows Information Protection or WIP (formally known as Enterprise Data Protection or EDP) is explained nicely in Microsoft’s own words and i’ve included a quote of that below:-   Quote With the increase of employee-owned devices in the enterprise, … Continue reading

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How can I determine how long a blade loads in Intune Preview in Azure ?

Introduction On an MVP call we discussed page load times in Intune Preview and a ‘trick’ was mentioned to show how long various components take to render. Clicking on any link in Intune shows a corresponding blade. To get page … Continue reading

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