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Migrate to the cloud – Part 1. Setup

Introduction This blog series is comprised of 3 parts. In this part  I’ll cover how you can migrate your existing configuration manager managed, domain joined devices to Azure AD joined, and Intune managed devices. During that process the app also converts … Continue reading

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First look at the Migrate to the cloud app

Introduction This video is a quick look at the Migrate to the cloud app. The Migrate to the cloud app is a Powershell based solution delivered via Software Center in Microsoft Configuration Manager, that takes your domain joined, ConfigMgr devices … Continue reading

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Technical Preview 2204 is out, brings ADR organization, Admin service + dark mode improvements

Introduction A big bunch of Enterprise Mobility MVPs and other geeks are on their way to MMSMOA, lucky them, I wish I was going too, but some of us are left behind. I upgraded my Technical Preview lab to see … Continue reading

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Cloud attach – Endpoint Managers silver lining – part 10 using apps with tenant attach

Introduction This is part 10 in a series of guides about cloud attach in Microsoft Endpoint Manager, with the aim of getting you up and running with all things cloud attach. This part will focus on using some of tenant … Continue reading

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New video: Escrow Bitlocker recovery password to the site during a task sequence in Configuration Manager 2203

Introduction I blogged about the new ability in Configuration Manager 2203 (Technical Preview) to allow you to simply enable the Escrow of Bitlocker recovery info to Configuration Managers database here, please check it out. As this is such a long … Continue reading

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Enabling dark-mode in Configuration Manager 2203

Introduction Microsoft have pushed out Technical Preview 2203 and it has a list of features detailed here. I covered escrowing Bitlocker info here already, but now let’s have a quick look at the dark-mode theme. The dark mode theme is … Continue reading

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Escrow BitLocker recovery password to the site during a task sequence in Configuration Manager 2203

Introduction Update: Microsoft have now released Configuration Manager 2203 and it contains this and other amazing new features. Microsoft released Technical Preview Configuration Manager version 2203 and it contains some cool new features, one of which is the ability to … Continue reading

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Technical Preview 2202 – delete collection references

Introduction Microsoft have released another version of Configuration Manager (Technical Preview), this time it’s version 2202. It’s got a list of new features detailed here. One of those new features is the ability to delete a bunch of collections referenced … Continue reading

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Technical Preview 2201 – Tenant attach is now GA

Introduction Microsoft recently released Technical Preview 2201 of Configuration Manager. Here is the official information about that release and here are the features. One of the listed new features is the fact that tenant attach is now GA. What is … Continue reading

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Zscaler SSL inspection throwing a wobbler during OOBE in Windows Autopilot

Introduction Note: We’ve been using Windows Autopilot with Zscaler configured with Microsoft URLs whitelisted without issue for a long time, this latest problem is new. Read on for more… I needed to setup a virtual machine for a colleague, and … Continue reading

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Technical Preview 2201 – A closer look at content distribution status

Introduction Microsoft have released another Technical Preview of Configuration Manager, this time it’s version 2201. Here is the official blurb. One of the cool new features is the ability to see the status of your content as it’s being distributed … Continue reading

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Do you have required Win32 Apps skipping Windows Autopilot ESP or not installing until after login ?

Introduction I saw an interesting tweet from @brucesaaaa where he talked about issues observed in multiple tenants during Windows Autopilot enrollment with required Win32 apps. The following was seen for required deployments of Win32 apps during Windows Autopilot enrollment: ESP … Continue reading

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Moving virtual machines from one hyper-v server to another ?

Introduction This week started off pretty badly for me, in that I attempted to repair a noisy fan on my Lenovo Thinkpad P1 (Generation 1) and sadly that went south very quickly. To cut a long story short, there are … Continue reading

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How can I renew an expired secret in an Azure Function app

Introduction If you’ve been looking at my guides, you’ll know that I’ve used httptriggers in functionapps to add functionality to Windows Autopilot, below are some examples of that. Adding devices to an Azure AD group after Windows Autopilot is complete – part … Continue reading

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Are non compliant devices dangerous ?

Introduction I’m currently blogging about a series of DEM in 20 webinars from 1E, you can find each episode that I’ve blogged about (including this one) below: Episode 1. How to find and fix Slow Endpoints Episode 2. That crashy … Continue reading

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