Technical Preview 2209 is out, adds improvements to search in the console and dark mode theme


Microsoft recently released another technical preview release for Configuration Manager (MEMCM) namely Technical Preview 2209. I upgraded my lab to see what was new, and during the upgrade I noticed a warning in the Update Pack Installation Status, so I took a closer look.

Note: This warning may have appeared since 2203 but I never noticed it until this upgrade.

The text reads as follows.

[Completed with warning]:Slide Co-Management workload slider for resource access policies towards Intune. Remove the certificate registration point site system role and all policies for company resource access features in Configuration Manager. These features are no longer supported as of March 2022 in Configuration Manager. Company resource access includes email, certificate, VPN, Wi-Fi, and Windows Hello for Business profiles. See for more details.

This is because in my lab, the co-management workload slider for resource access policies was pointing to ConfigMgr as you see here.

To remove the warning for future upgrades slide it over to Pilot Intune, and then when done testing, move it to Intune read the faq for details.

The following point is also worth noting.

What happens if I’ve enabled co-management, but haven’t switched the resource access workload?

Starting in version 2211, co-managed clients will get their policy for this workload from the Intune management authority. This behavior is the same as if you used Configuration Manager version 2111 or earlier to switch the resource access workload to Intune.

Improvements to search

Now you get hints in search to show you what you are currently searching, for example below, if we perform a search it will search all objects in the console.

if you compare that to TP2208 it looks like this for the same type of search.

If you select a node in TP2209 or later, and search it’ll limit to the current node + sub folders and the hint text will display that.

So while this change is small, it’s informative and useful especially if you are wondering what scope your search is set to currently.

Dark mode theme changes

Dark mode has been updated again, now with an improvement to the popups for health attestation dashboard. But I didn’t have health attestation enabled so I got this instead.

I enabled it in Client Settings but have yet to see it populate, i’ll update this post with a screenshot if and when it changes,

that’s it for this summary, see you in the next blog post



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