Technical Preview 2208 is out, adds RBAC for tenant attached devices


Microsoft have released Technical Preview for ConfigMgr 2208, and with it a new RBAC feature for tenant attached devices. ConfigMgr 2208 now supports Intune role-based access control (RBAC) in addition to Configuration Manager RBAC for tenant attached devices.

You can set that new feature in the Cloud management configuration here on the Configure upload tab. Make sure that Role-based Access Control is not selected if you want Intune as the RBAC Authority.

More details > Intune role-based access control for tenant-attached devices – Configuration Manager | Microsoft Docs

How does this help you ?

For example, when using Intune as the role-based access control authority, a user with Intune’s Help Desk Operator role doesn’t need an assigned security role or additional permissions from Configuration Manager. For more information, see Intune role-based access control for tenant attached clients.

Dark mode improvements

This release also has some additional improvements in the dark mode theme which I  originally blogged about here. These improvements include the O365 Updates dashboard, Package Conversion Status dashboard, and Health Attestation dashboard will now display according to the dark theme, when it is enabled

For more info see and Configuration Manager technical preview version 2208 – Microsoft Tech Community



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