Technical Preview TP2401 is out, and has lots of new features but failed to install due to an error with prerequisites


ConfigMgr is still being developed despite it’s apparent near death experience on Twitter recently. I tested upgrading to TP2401 but it failed the prerequisite check immediately. The failure didn’t add up so I had to contact Microsoft Product Group to dig deeper.

Here’s a summary of what happened.

After running the prerequisites check, it failed on the Resource Access Policies check as shown here.

This was odd because my ConfigMgr Primary setting for Resource access policies had already been moved to Intune as shown in the screenshot below. You can also see that it has failed the prerequisites check in this screenshot.

I double checked that there was no certificate registration point site system role on any of my site servers (there wasn’t) and no resource access policies created either (there weren’t).

So I was stumped. I posted about the problem on Twitter here.

After contacting the Microsoft Product Group responsible for ConfigMgr directly, we arranged a Teams call where we ran some SQL commands to reveal the source of the problem, it seems it was a regression from an earlier release of Technical Preview, namely TP2311. That said, people upgrading from ConfigMgr 2309 to 2403 when it eventually ships, shouldn’t have this specific problem.

The workaround

To solve it, I had to move the Client apps slider from Configuration Manager to Pilot Intune, click Apply, then OK. Then move it all the way back to Configuration Manager.

After doing that, the upgrade passed the Prerequisites check without issue and the upgrade to TP2401 succeeded ! I’ve confirmed from 3 other people who had the same issue that this works.

Now that it’s installed, time to look at the list of new features, including some Bitlocker fixes.

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