Quick tip: Free up space on your ConfigMgr server


While waiting for the next Technical Preview release of ConfigMgr version 2301, I noticed my lab server operating system drive C:\ was running out of space.

Only 12.0 GB free !

In the past I’ve seen ConfigMgr upgrades abort if there’s less than 15GB free on the C:\ drive, so I wanted to see what I could delete to free up some space. Below you can see a screenshot of one of the prerequisite checks by Microsoft when you attempt to upgrade a ConfigMgr site, notice how you need at least 15 GB free, clearly my upgrade plans would not work without some manual intervention.

I used a cool tool called TreeSize Free from Jam software here as it gives a clear and easy way of seeing what is taking up space on your HDD.

Within seconds I could see a way to free up space, by deleting old copies of the Admin console which have built up every time I upgrade my technical preview lab.

I looked at the maintenance tasks on the site server and didn’t see any for clearing up this wasted space.

By browsing the folder directly in Windows File Explorer I could see the dates of when those folders were created, and it was clear that the last time I emptied this folder was back in 2019, which is several years worth !

so I marked all but the newest folder, and deleted them and now I have enough space to install the next release. Note that Technical Previews are normally released monthly, whereas Production releases are 3 times per year, so Production servers won’t be impacted as much.

after freeing up the space the check passed and I’m busy upgrading to Technical Preview 2301 – https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/mem/configmgr/core/get-started/2023/technical-preview-2301

I’ve submitted feedback in the ConfigMgr console by clicking the feedback button and submitted the following feedback, feel free to add your vote to it.

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that’s all for this post !



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