How to fix “There is not enough available disk space on” when upgrading the ConfigMgr AdminConsole


I was upgrading my Technical Preview 1902.2 lab to 1903TP and all went well, except for the AdminConsole upgrade (which now takes place a couple of minutes after the upgrade is done). After the site server upgrade is complete, you’ll see a new notification in the AdminConsole advising you to upgrade your console.

tp1903 done.png

After clicking on Install the new console version, the Admin Console automatically closes and an MSI kicks off, a few seconds later it fails with an odd error about lack of free disk space.

at least 20mb free.png

I double checked my server storage and sure enough I had lots of free space, well above the 20MB mentioned.

free space on server.png

To get details of why the Admin console was failing, I referred to the ConfigMgrAdminUISetup.log and ConfigMgrAdminUISetupVerbose.log logs located in the root of C:\

The following shows the error.

not enough free space in log.png

And interestingly it’s referring to a TARGETDIR on my D:\ drive. This is the target location for the AdminConsole.

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