How to fix: “Unable to find suitable Recovery Service MP. Marking policy non-compliant”


Microsoft introduced on-premises BitLocker management using System Center Configuration Manager in SCCM Technical Preview version 1905. When enabling these MBAM capabilities in SCCM, you may notice the following error in the BitlockerManagement_GroupPolicyHandler.log.

Unable to find suitable Recovery Service MP. Marking policy non-compliant

As shown below:

This occurs (after enabling the MBAM capabilities) when the client attempts to communicate with the Management Point and when both client and MP are in HTTP mode.

The fix ?

Convert your Management Point server and client to use HTTPS communication (PKI), you can achieve that with the following guides.

  • Setup a 2 tier PKI infrastructure by adding PKI by following this set of blog posts
  • Convert SCCM from HTTP to HTTPS by doing this.

Once done, you’ll now see the following line in the  BitlockerManagement_GroupPolicyHandler.log file. The version number will change based on the SCCM Server version.

Found current management point, CM01.windowsnoob.lab.local (version 8827)


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