System Center Configuration Manager Technical Preview 1603 is now available !


Microsoft is continuing to push out updates to System Center Configuration Manager Technical Preview and at a very fast pace. About a month has passed since 1602 was released and now 1603 is available for Technical Preview 4.

This release contains updates  as explained below:

  • List View for Applications in Software Center – In the Software Center Applications tab, users now have the option to switch between the default tile view and a new list view by clicking on the view selection icons underneath the search bar.
  • Install Selected Updates in Software Center – In the new Updates tab in Software Center, click on the select mode button at the top left of the list of updates. In select mode, multiple updates may be selected and then simultaneously installed using the Install Selected button.
  • Limit access to the Clipboard in Remote Control Sessions – You can now enable Remote Tools Client Settings to limit access to the shared clipboard in a remote control session. When enabled, the end-user who is sharing a remote session must grant permissions to viewers of that session before they can transfer files from the shared clipboard.

Also fixed two UserVoice items:

  • Content Status links in the Admin Console – The Content Status links for objects like applications, packages, task sequences or software updates, now go directly to the related Content Status object node.
  • PXE Provider TFTP Window Size – The administrator can now configure the TFTP window size (RamDiskTFTPWindowSize) via a registry setting on the PXE-enabled distribution point.

Getting the 1603 Update

In Configuration Manager Technical Preview 4 version 1602 go to the Updates and Servicing section and click on Check for Updates in the ribbon.

Note: This is not present in 1512 or previous versions, if you are on a previous version then restart the sms_executive component.

check for updates

You’ll see a popup confirming that it’s checking for updates.

start updates check

This will kick start the dmpdownloader component into action. Use CMTrace to open the dmpdownloader.log available in <ConfigMgr installation path>\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs. Look for User requested dmpdownloader sync in the log file to verify you clicked on Check for Updates.

user requested dmpdownloader sync

Once an applicable download is found you’ll see something similar to the following in the log file, the guid will change for each update package.

Generating state message: 6 for package 83fbc26a-f75f-4b30-b64c-2be20781b63b

generating state message 6

Once an applicable update is found it will be downloaded and the state in the console will be listed as Downloading


The dmpdownloader.log will have a line stating “download large file with BITs”

download large file with BITs

Next all the files within the update will be extracted

extracing files

before downloading the redist and then making the update available in the console with a state of Available.


Right click on the update and choose Install Update Pack, when the Wizard appears you can Ignore the prerequisites check and  click next


There are no new features listed so click next

no features

Select your client update options

options for client update

Accept the EULA


and click through to completion


Use CMTrace to check the CMUpdate.log file found in <ConfigMgr installation path>\Microsoft Configuration Manager\Logs for detailed info about the installation of the update.

Note: The CMUpdate.log will take time to start logging the installation of the update, so be patient !. You can also refer to the Hman.log for details of the installation.

cmupdate log starting

Click on Show Status to reveal the in console status of the installation

show status

which brings you to the monitoring node where you get to click on Show Status again

show status again

to reveal the Update Pack Installation Status

update pack installation status

Once installed it’s reflected in the CMUpdate.log.

info successfully notified hman that update package is installed

After the update is installed, you can click on Help, About and you’ll see this informing you that a new update is available for the Configuration Manager console itself.

help about

and after a while it’s installed

1603 installed

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