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Why does my BlueKeep honeypot keep BSOD’ing ?

Introduction I just noticed that my BlueKeep honeypot keeps blue screening. This was clear to me as every time I tried to do something on it it was at the login screen (even though I was logged onto the desktop … Continue reading

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Patch against the BlueKeep vulnerability, even the NSA is warning you

Introduction You’d have to be living under a rock to not have noticed the blog posts and tweets from many different people (including myself) in relation to patching your Windows 7 computers (and others… including eeek… Windows XP) against the … Continue reading

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Update now to protect yourself from the next WannaCry

Update: 2019/5/31. I’m adding this information as it’s just so critical BlueKeep is a term for a security vulnerability (CVE–2019-0708) (noted as “critical” by Microsoft)[1][2] affecting computers using older versions (Windows 8 and Windows 10 are not affected) of the … Continue reading

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Yet another RansomWare attack leaves businesses with problems

The return of EternalBlue On June 27th 2017, another RansomWare attack took hold targeting the same eternal blue (SMBv1) vulnerabilities as WannaCry before it. This attack however doesn’t reach out to the internet like WannaCry did, it’s an internal network … Continue reading

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