Why does my BlueKeep honeypot keep BSOD’ing ?


I just noticed that my BlueKeep honeypot keeps blue screening. This was clear to me as every time I tried to do something on it it was at the login screen (even though I was logged onto the desktop previously) and once I’d log in it informed me it had just recovered from an unexpected shutdown.

This hyper-v virtual machine is just a virtual machine patched against everything except the BlueKeep vulnerability. And it’s been busy BSOD’ing lately. The BSOD’s started September 26th and have increased in frequency since early October, with 3 BSOD’s in one day (October 10th).

Note: The VM was installed June 8th, 2019 and had no issues at all until end of September when the BSOD’ing started.

I wasn’t sure if this was down to lack of RAM on the VM or something else (possibly related to BlueKeep) so I downloaded a BSOD analyzer from NirSoft and the results were interesting.

As you can see the bug check string for the last 5 blue screens was an ATTEMPTED_EXECUTE_OF_NOEXECUTE_MEMORY and there are 2 RDP related system drivers involved namely:

  • rdpdr.sys
  • rdprefmp.sys

Here’s some details about the rdpdr.sys file.

and rdprefmp.sys is also a system driver.

InĀ  fact most of the blue screens were caused by this driver.

The question is why ? is it a worm trying to gain access or something else, let’s keep an eye on it and hopefully I’ll know more soon.

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