Learn about Bitlocker Management in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager version 1910


I’ve created a video showing you what you need to know to get Bitlocker Management (formally MBAM) integration working in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager version 1910, please check it out.

for more info and links to setting up PKI in your lab and converting Configuration Manager to HTTPS see this blog post.


To see the rest of the videos click below:


For more info about the new Bitlocker Management ability in Configuration Manager 1910 see https://www.niallbrady.com/2019/11/13/want-to-learn-about-the-new-bitlocker-management-in-microsoft-endpoint-manager-configuration-manager/

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3 Responses to Learn about Bitlocker Management in Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager version 1910

  1. jimc84 says:

    Hi Niall, I can’t find any documentation from Microsoft on how we can migrate an on-prem MBAM database to SCCM 1910, although I understand it is possible.

    Have you tried this?


  2. FJ40Ratt says:

    Hi Niall. I posted some questions in another area discussing FDE in task sequences but thought I would put them here as well. I have followed your videos for years and they have been a great resource for me. I have followed your MBAM videos through customizing the portals. I have imaged a new machine and placed it in my MBAM policy collection. The MBAM client shows installed but I never receive the popup window to start encryption. I was under the impression that by using the MBAM policy and making the drive setting requirements there that there was no longer a need to have any BitLocker settings in my task sequence. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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