using vNext in a LAB Part 1. Installation

This guide is for a beta product, namely vNext Beta 1. You might be wondering why I’m installing it from scratch and not using the VHD provided by Microsoft,
the reason why is because I want to experience everything that is
required to get vNext running in my Lab from installation,
configuration and management. This is Part 1 of a series, more coming

Get your Lab Ready.

My vNext Lab is hosted in an HyperV
environment, I’m currently using a laptop with 4gb ram (yes I want
more…), 325 GB hdd installed with Server 2008 R2 w HyperV. There are
two servers used in this Lab, AD1 (AD1 -active directory, dns, dhcp) and vNext (joined to our AD1 domain).

I chose to install Windows Server 2008 R2 standard as the server OS for
vNext. Once done I joined it to my newly created domain (2k8r2),
verified DNS was working correctly via nslookup and was ready to begin
the steps below. In addition I created some accounts in AD, namely
SMSadmin, a domain user but also a local administrator of the vNext
server, Testuser, a domain user, domjoin (for joining to the domain).

Perform the following on the vNext server as SMSadmin

read the rest here

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