How can I deploy custom favorites in Microsoft Edge to Windows 10 devices using Microsoft Intune


Managing Windows 10 computers using Microsoft Intune is getting easier and easier. To customize the experience for your Windows 10 users so that they have favorites pre-loaded in Microsoft Edge, you can configure favorites in Edge using Microsoft Intune, and here’s how to do it step-by-step.

Step 1. Configure some favorites

On a Windows 10 virtual machine (don’t have one ? create one with this PowerShell script), start up Microsoft Edge, browse to a website (1) by entering it’s URL in the address field and then add it as a favorite (2) by clicking on the star. Repeat for as many site’s as you want in your favorites.

add favorite.png

After you’ve added some favorites you can review the list of saved favorites by clicking on the favorites icon (3)

favorites icon.png

Step 2. Export the custom favorites

On the Windows 10 virtual machine, click on the Settings elipse in Microsoft Edge (4) and scroll down to Settings (5)

settings in edge.png

Choose Import from another browser (6)

import from another browser.png

and choose Export to file (7)

export to file.png

change the name from Microsoft_Edge_‎03_‎23_‎2018 (the current date) to Favorites (8)

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