If you have a good idea about Microsoft Intune or Microsoft Configuration Manager, tell Microsoft about it and get it voted up !


Microsoft Connect has been around for years now and allows users to raise issues about problems found in Microsoft products, or to request a Design Change Request (DCR) to get something implemented in the next version


The problem with connect is you might not have permission to raise feedback about certain applications (for example, you are not on the TAP program)


To allow the general public to post their suggestions and design change requests on Microsoft products,  Microsoft have created a forum called uservoice (how appropriate) with two new links where you can go and raise your own posts about the products that interest you, which you can then link to on Facebook, Twitter or other social media via the buttons available, those two links are listed below, one for Intune, one for ConfigMgr

Microsoft has also blogged about them below if you want to see the official blurb:


I believe the idea behind all this is for the general public to post their brilliant suggestions about improving great products with even better functionality on uservoice, and if any issues are found, to raise those issues as normal on connect.





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