trying to repair WMI and get an error code 5 – access denied

Came across this today and thought i’d blog about it,

I was trying to repair WMI on a users computer today (SCCM client issues pointed to corrupt WMI/XP…) but couldn’t stop the windows Management Instrumentation service as a service (Vmware Authorization Service) was stopping me from stopping the WinMGMT service with an error – Access Denied error 5.

net stop winmgmt
The following services are dependent on the Windows Management Instrumentation service.
Stopping the Windows Management Instrumentation service will also stop these services.

   Security Center
   VMware Authorization Service <——–
   IP Helper
   SMS Agent Host

I tried to stop the service in Control panel but could not, the service is required by Vmware Workstation, so to resolve the problem I changed the startup type of this service from Automatic, to Manual, rebooted the computer, repaired WMI and was able to then change the service startup back to Automatic,

posting this just in case any of you come across the same problem



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