Configuration Manager Technical Preview 2106 is out, and it’s huge !!


On the same day that Microsoft announced Windows 11, comes Technical Preview 2106 and it’s full of new features, I mean really full ! The list of what’s new is humongous.

A few of my favorite changes in this release are:

Note how it says Cloud Attach

Starting in this release, you can enable an application deployment to support implicit uninstall. If a device is in a collection, the application installs. Then when you remove the device from the collection, the application uninstalls.

For the full list, check this out, oh and don’t forget to update your .net versions, to preferably .net 4.8 before upgrading.

  1. Intune role-based access control for tenant attach
  2. Convert a CMG to virtual machine scale set
  3. Implicit uninstall of applications
  4. Microsoft .NET requirements
  5. Audit mode for potentially unwanted applications
  6. External notifications
  7. List additional third-party updates catalogs
  8. Management insights rule for TLS/SSL software update points
  9. Renamed Co-management node to Cloud Attach
  10. Improvements for managing automatic deployment rules
  11. New prerequisite check for SQL Server 2012
  12. Console improvements
  13. Client encryption uses AES-256
  14. General known issues
  15. PowerShell release notes preview



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