Prepare for HTTP-only client communication depreciation in ConfigMgr


Microsoft recently announced that HTTP only communication will be dropped from ConfigMgr in October 2022 here.

The advice is to enable a more secure communication method for the site either by enabling HTTPS or Enhanced HTTP.

Learn about HTTPS

If you’d like to learn how to setup HTTPS in your lab and convert ConfigMgr from HTTP to HTTPS then please review the following blog posts.

Setup PKI

Convert ConfigMgr to HTTPS

What about enhanced HTTP ?

Check Microsoft recommends before you seriously consider using enhanced HTTP. I draw attention to that in the figure below:

Microsoft recommends using HTTPS communication for all Configuration Manager communication paths, but it’s challenging for some customers due to the overhead of managing PKI certificates.

Since ConfigMgr 1810 (first seen in 1806), Enhanced HTTP was made available to fill that gap. For more information see


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