SCCM Technical Preview version 1910 is out


David James (@Djammmer) has just tweeted that TP1910 is out and that it shares many features with SCCM 1910 Current Branch which is due out in a few weeks.

So let’s take a look ! I’m hoping that the issues I had with MBAM reporting are finally sorted out in this release, but we will see…

As always, Checking for updates in the Admin console should show the available update, here’s it’s downloading.

as you can see in the dmpdownloader.log

and after it’s downloaded, you can right click on it and choose Install Update Pack, then monitor the installation via Update Pack Installation Status.

and after some time it’s installed.

What’s new ?

Lots of new stuff, click on the link below for more details..

MBAM integration has some more changes namely now the keys are no longer able to be pulled using queries as I documented earlier, this might change but for now the keys are obfuscated in the Database. Below you can see the Recovery Keys and how they look now.

In addition, when creating BitLocker Management Control policy, you’ll see a new section in the Client Management Setup information screen which highlights how the key (Recovery Key) will be stored in MBAM’s database.

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