SCCM 1806 CB Build & Capture TS failing at Prepare OS step

I came across this in the FaceBook group  today, so I thought i’d share it with you.

An SCCM Build & Capture TS failing at Prepare OS step Invalid command line argument ‘/shutdown:false’

have just upgraded SCCM from 1710 to 1806. In addition I have updated ADK and MDT to the latest releases. I am using Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 1803 enterprise WIM from VLSC including the August 18 update. My boot image and task sequence packages (toolkit package, settings package) have been updated. The build and capture task sequence fails at the prepare OS step (see screenshot). The task sequence worked prior to the SCCM, ADK & MDT upgrade.

The solution in this case was to replace the ConfigMgr client agent with the SCCM 1806 version, after doing so it’s working again.


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