Introducing the Windows PowerShell ISE Preview


Microsoft has developed a new version of PowerShell ISE called PowerShell ISE Preview.


To install it you must be running Windows PowerShell v.5. That’s the version of PowerShell that ships with Windows 10, if you want to check your version type the following in a PowerShell cmd prompt.


PowerShell version

Once done, you can enable PowerShell ISE Preview with the following command (on an internet connected computer)

Install-Module -Name PowerShellISE-preview

when prompted to download the NuGet provider answer Yes

nugetand answer Yes to the Set-PSRepository question also


To launch the new ISE you’ll need to allow script execution, so try

set-executionpolicy unrestricted

then enter


as shown below

isepfor more info about PowerShell ISE Prview see the anouncement here

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