New Configuration Manager extension Now Available: Support for Win32 MSI apps via MDM

A scenario we hear about from customers is that the IT Pro wants to deploy MSI apps to MDM managed Windows devices (devices that do not run the Configuration Manager client software). Today we are making available a new extension that will allow customers to deploy MSI apps to MDM managed Windows 10 devices.

Please note the requirement for Configuration Manager:

The extension is called Microsoft System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager SP1 Extension for Microsoft Intune: Support for Win32 MSI apps via MDM.  Once enabled, administrators can use the new application type “Windows Installer through MDM (*.msi)” to create MSI apps that can be deployed to Windows 10 MDM managed devices as shown in the screenshot below. This feature will also be available in the new version of Configuration Manager coming soon.

The following considerations apply when deploying MSI apps to MDM managed Windows 10 devices:

  • The capability supports only using a single .msi file
  • The MSI product code and product version are used for app detection
  • Per user MSI will be installed for a user
  • Per machine MSI will install for all users of the device
  • App update is supported (V1 -> V2 for different MSI product code but same MSI upgrade code)
  • No support for Win 32 setup.exe installer type

Installing Extensions

The Support for Win32 MSI apps via MDM extension will appear as a new item in the Extensions for Microsoft Intune node in the Configuration Manager console. To install this extension, select this extension and then click Enable.

For more information about extensions, see Planning to Use Extensions in Configuration Manager

For more information about managing applications with Configuration Manager, see Application Management in Configuration Manager


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