Where can I find the official drivers for the new Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book products ?


With the release of Microsoft’s Surface Book  and Surface Pro 4 products today (October 26th, 2015) administrators will want to start imaging them with their corporate image right away.

Microsoft-Surface-BookDownload the drivers

One of the first questions they’ll have is where are the official drivers ?

The drivers are available on Microsoft’s download site at the links below:

sp4 driversBoth of the links above will show you drivers in MSI and ZIP format, however the currently provided ZIP file (as of 2015/10/26) is for WinTab only, and is provided for those professionals needing WinTab compatibility with certain Surface Pen enabled applications.


In other words the ‘normal’ ZIP file containing all the drivers for easy import into Configuration Manager is not yet present *as of Oct 28th, 2015*. I’ll update this post when it is available.

Update: The Zip file is now available (as of 2015/10/30) for the Surface Pro 4, but not yet for the Surface Book. The zip file is called SurfacePro4_Win10_151026_0.zip and is 451.2 MB in size.

What you can use in the meantime is the MSI, to deploy it create an application in ConfigMgr and use the following installation switches

Surface Book

msiexec.exe /i .\SurfaceBook_Win10_151026_0.msi /qn /l*v “%windir%\Logs\SurfaceBookDrivers.log

Surface Pro 4

msiexec.exe /i .\SurfacePro4_Win10_151026_0.msi /qn /l*v “%windir%\Logs\SurfacePro4Drivers.log”


MSI’s tied to hardware

The above is useful as long as you have either the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book product in front of you, as the MSI’s do a ‘check’ to verify the hardware you are running the MSI on. For example, if you attempt to run the MSI on a virtual machine you’ll see the following:

sp4 only

which of course would mean it’s hard to extract the drivers.


To get around the lack of Zipped drivers you can do an administrative install of the MSI on a virtual machine and use the extracted drivers. To do an Administrative install using msiexec browse to the path where the msi is stored and use the /a switch as shown below.

msiexec administrative installAfter the msi is ‘installed’ the drivers can be browsed in C:\SurfacePlatformInstaller as shown in the screenshot below (both the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 drivers are extracted from their respective MSIs).

extracted drivers

these extracted drivers can be imported as normal using Powershell or Driver import via the ConfigMgr console.

powershellThe drivers shown below are imported using the script above

sp4 driversNote: The Surface Book MSI provided does not contain the Nvidia GPU drivers currently. These drivers  are stored elsewhere in the recovery image.

What about the driver versions ?

The drivers extracted for the new Surface products are listed below (from the included readme.txt file extracted from the MSI):

Surface Book


This README describes the versions of the components found in the SurfaceBook cumulative firmware and driver update package, released on 2015 Oct 27.

Device: SurfaceBook

System Requirements: Windows 10 Pro

Source: Microsoft Download Center

Complete Firmware and Driver Versions:


EC SurfaceEC.inf
ME SurfaceME.inf
SAM SurfaceSAM.inf
Touch SurfaceTouch.inf
UEFI SurfaceUEFI.inf


Accessory SurfaceAccessoryFwUpdate     1.1.382.0         SurfaceAccessoryFwU…
Accessory SurfaceKeyboardBacklight     1.1.373.0         SurfaceKeyboardBack…
Audio     HDAudio                    HDXSSTM.inf
Audio     SmartSoundBus             IntcAudioBus.inf
Audio     SmartSoundOED             IntcOED.inf
Camera    AVStream                     30.10154.6640.152 iacamera64.inf
Camera    CSI2HostController           30.10154.6640.152 CSI2HostControllerD…
Camera    FrontIRSensor                30.10154.6640.152 ov7251.inf
Camera    FrontSensor                  30.10154.6640.152 ov5693.inf
Camera    RearSensor                   30.10154.6640.152 ov8865.inf
Camera    SignalProcessor              30.10154.6640.152 iaisp64.inf
Camera    SkcController                30.10154.6640.152 SkcController.inf
Camera    WindowsHello                 SurfaceCameraWindow…
Display   DisplayAudio              IntcDAud.inf
Display   Graphics                64gh4293.inf
Display   SurfaceDigitizerIntegration  1.1.359.0         SurfaceDigitizerInt…
Display   SurfaceDisplay              SurfaceDisplay.inf
Display   SurfaceDisplayCalibration    1.1.371.0         SurfaceDisplayCalib…
Network   Bluetooth                    15.68.9030.41     mbtr8897w81x64.inf
Network   WiFi                         15.68.9030.41     mrvlpcie8897.inf
Pen       SurfacePen                   1.1.352.0         SurfacePen.inf
Pen       SurfacePenClickFilter        1.1.350.1         SurfacePenClickFilt…
Pen       SurfacePenPairing            SurfacePenPairing.inf
Pen       SurfacePenPairing            1.1.359.0         SurfacePenIntegrati…
Pen       SurfacePenSettingsDriver         SurfacePenDriver.inf
System    DPTF                         commonSystem.inf
System    GPIO                         30.63.1519.07     iaLPSS2_GPIO2_SKL.inf
System    I2C                          30.63.1519.07     iaLPSS2_I2C_SKL.inf
System    LPC                          sunrisepoint-lpSyst…
System    LPSDHost                     sunrisepoint-lpSDHo…
System    ManagementEngine          heci.inf
System    PreciseTouch                iaPreciseTouch.inf
System    Skylake                      skylakeSystem.inf
System    SPI                          30.63.1519.07     iaLPSS2_SPI_SKL.inf
System    SurfaceBaseIntegration       1.1.359.0         SurfaceBaseIntegrat…
System    SurfaceDTXDriver            SurfaceDTXDriver.inf
System    SurfaceHomeButton            1.1.423.0         SurfaceButton.inf
System    SurfaceIntegrationDriver         SurfaceIntegrationD…
System    SurfacePowerMeter            SurfacePowerMeter.inf
System    SurfaceStorageFwUpdate       1.1.447.0         SurfaceStorageFwUpd…
System    SurfaceSystemTelemetryDriver         SurfaceSystemTeleme…
System    SurfaceTouchServicingML           SurfaceTouchServici…
System    UART                         30.63.1519.07     iaLPSS2_UART2_SKL.inf

Surface Pro 4

This README describes the versions of the components found in the SurfacePro4 cumulative firmware and driver update package, released on 2015 Oct 27.

Device: SurfacePro4

System Requirements: Windows 10 Pro

Source: Microsoft Download Center

Complete Firmware and Driver Versions:


EC SurfaceEC.inf
ME SurfaceME.inf
SAM SurfaceSAM.inf
Touch SurfaceTouch.inf
UEFI SurfaceUEFI.inf


Accessory Surface3TypeCoverIntegration    1.1.363.0         Surface3TypeCove…
Accessory SurfaceAccessoryDevice          1.1.352.2         SurfaceAccessory…
Accessory SurfaceAccessoryFwUpdate        1.1.382.0         SurfaceAccessory…
Accessory SurfaceCoverClick               1.1.359.0         SurfaceCoverClic…
Accessory SurfaceFingerprintSensor          SurfaceFingerpri…
Accessory SurfaceKeyboardBacklight        1.1.365.0         SurfaceKeyboardB…
Accessory SurfacePro4TypeCoverIntegration 1.1.359.0         SurfacePro4TypeC…
Accessory SurfacePTPFilter                SurfacePTPFilter…
Accessory SurfaceTypeCover                1.1.360.0         SurfaceTypeCover…
Accessory SurfaceTypeCoverV3FwUpdate      1.1.350.0         SurfaceTypeCover…
Accessory SurfaceTypeCoverV3Integration   1.1.362.0         SurfaceTypeCover…
Audio      SmartSoundBus               IntcAudioBus.inf
Audio     HDAudio                       HDXSSTM.inf
Audio     SmartSoundOED                IntcOED.inf
Audio     SurfaceDockAudioUSB           msdokub.inf
Camera    AVStream                        30.10154.6640.152 iacamera64.inf
Camera    CSI2HostController              30.10154.6640.152 CSI2HostControll…
Camera    FrontIRSensor                   30.10154.6640.152 ov7251.inf
Camera    FrontSensor                     30.10154.6640.152 ov5693.inf
Camera    RearSensor                      30.10154.6640.152 ov8865.inf
Camera    SignalProcessor                 30.10154.6640.152 iaisp64.inf
Camera    SkcController                   30.10154.6640.152 SkcController.inf
Camera    WindowsHello                    SurfaceCameraWin…
Display   DisplayAudio                 IntcDAud.inf
Display   Graphics                   64gh4293.inf
Display   SurfaceDigitizerIntegration     1.1.359.0         SurfaceDigitizer…
Display   SurfaceDisplay                   SurfaceDisplay.inf
Display   SurfaceDisplayCalibration       1.1.371.0         SurfaceDisplayCa…
Network   Bluetooth                       15.68.9030.41     mbtr8897w81x64.inf
Network   SurfaceCoSAR                    SurfaceCoSAR.inf
Network   WiFi                            15.68.9030.41     mrvlpcie8897.inf
Pen       SurfacePen                      1.1.352.0         SurfacePen.inf
Pen       SurfacePenClickFilter           1.1.350.1         SurfacePenClickF…
Pen       SurfacePenIntegration           1.1.359.0         SurfacePenIntegr…
Pen       SurfacePenPairing               SurfacePenPairin…
Pen       SurfacePenSettingsDriver         SurfacePenDriver…
System    DPTF                            commonSystem.inf
System    GPIO                            30.63.1519.07     iaLPSS2_GPIO2_SK…
System    I2C                             30.63.1519.07     iaLPSS2_I2C_SKL.inf
System    LPC                             sunrisepoint-lpS…
System    LPSDHost                        sunrisepoint-lpS…
System    ManagementEngine             heci.inf
System    PreciseTouch                   iaPreciseTouch.inf
System    Skylake                         skylakeSystem.inf
System    SPI                             30.63.1519.07     iaLPSS2_SPI_SKL.inf
System    SurfaceHomeButton               1.1.423.0         SurfaceButton.inf
System    SurfaceIntegrationDriver          SurfaceIntegrati…
System    SurfacePowerMeter               SurfacePowerMete…
System    SurfaceStorageFwUpdate          1.1.447.0         SurfaceStorageFw…
System    SurfaceSystemTelemetryDriver         SurfaceSystemTel…
System    SurfaceTouchServicingML           SurfaceTouchServ…
System    UART                            30.63.1519.07     iaLPSS2_UART2_SK…




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  2. twahab11 says:

    I’m trying to image SurfaceBook using the Surface Dock but I’m unable to find the Surface Dock drivers so i can inject into my boot image. From the SurfaceBook new driver download (https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=49497&WT.mc_id=rss_alldownloads_all) I only see a Marvel Wireless Network class driver. I’m using SCCM 2012 R2 SP1 Task Sequence but I can’t get the SurfaceBook to even boot into WinPE. I have it set to boot to PXE and it fails to boot to WinPE I’m guessing because the NIC driver of the Surface Dock is not injected into the boot image. I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks

  3. twahab11 says:

    Thanks Niall! That driver worked like a charm! I also followed the steps in the link you provided to successfully conduct a UEFI network boot and it worked 🙂

    Appreciate your help

  4. jerm2300 says:

    Which specific drivers need to be added to the x64 boom wim? I am trying to PXE boot with the Surface Pro 4. I have looked at the steps for the Surface Pro 3, the drivers are not the same.

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