what a way to start a weekend !! 2010 Microsoft® MVP Award – SCCM

I just wanted to post a quick note to say how happy I am to have received a 2010 Microsoft® MVP Award (SCCM),
it was a very pleasant surprise as I read the email on my phone while stuck in traffic on my way home from work. I must have been the one and only person in that traffic jam that was happy and boy was I happy 🙂

I want to thank a few people for guiding me on the right path, in particular Aidan Finn for his superb advice and support, to Jason Sandys for his guidance and support and to the following in no particular order, Rod Trent (http://www.myitforum.com), Kent Agerlund, Ronni Pedersen, Michael Petersen, Peter Van Der Woude, Stefan Schorling and the rest of you great guys out there !!

I also owe a great deal to my family for their patience and
understanding while I worked towards this goal, the long nights and
countless hours are paying off, and I’m going to make it up to you !!

and last but not least, Microsoft, for giving me the award !!!! and giving us SCCM, my preferred tool of the trade.

thanks !


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  1. Don Hite says:

    Congratulation and keep up the good work ….

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