How can I Deploy Applications based on AD security group membership for Computers using a Task Sequence Step by Step

The following guide is based upon a post by Daniel Oxley on The Deployment Guys blog where he showed a MDT Task Sequence which could install applications
based on Active Directory queries, I have modified the script provided
and created a brand new Task Sequence for System Center Configuration
Manager 2007. All you have to do is to import the Task Sequence into ConfigMgr and start dynamically installing applications.

Ok first of all understand what this does and what you need done in the back-end.

What does this do ?

The task sequence will set some variables, make a call to Active
Directory using a user you define within the task sequence, then based
upon the results returned will set another variables value to True or
False based on whether a COMPUTER is a member of an Active Directory Security Group.
It can loop through this many times to install several applications ‘on
the fly’ during an OSD task sequence, the advantage of this is that the
Task Sequence becomes dynamic based upon where the COMPUTER is present
in AD.

read the entire article

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