New video: Resolving expired certificates in a PKI (HTTPS) based SCCM OSD Lab


I use PKI based labs to test various scenarios from Microsoft. I’ve multiple SCCM (Configuration Manager) labs that are running in HTTPS only mode (PKI) using a two tier PKI infratstructure (Offline Root CA, Issuing CA).

Using multiple labs usually means only one lab is online at a time, and as certs expire regularly, an offline lab can mean expired certs. You’ll first notice issues if you do OSD regularly as it depends on a healthy PKI infrastructure.

If you have expired certs, PXE boot will not work. In this video I show that problem, reveal the expired certificates on the IssuingCA and show you how I fix it.

Setting up PKI

I’ve created multiple guides to help you setup PKI in your LAB and to integrate it with SCCM. You can review them below.

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