Today I got a nice surprise in the post, my book arrived !

Today I got a phone call from DHL saying that they had a delivery to make, luckily I was WFH due to the snow outside. 20 minutes later a truck arrives and offloads 6 boxes of books.

CYMlNb1WQAAjSgD.jpg largeThe book is one I started back in January 2015 after I had been asked if I’d consider writing one by Johan Arwidmark, and what an honor and challenge that was.

I kept writing until approximately September 1st and after that it we went through a series of edits, corrections, clarifications and final verification before it got published. What a journey !

I put a lot of time and effort writing it and I hope that you appreciate that and grab a copy, it’s available in both paperback and e-book (kindle) on Amazon.

To get more info about the book see this link,

cheers !


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