Updated Powershell script with March 2015 drivers for deploying the Surface Pro 3 with MDT 2013

Microsoft has recently released new updated drivers for the Surface Pro 3 (March 2015).



Here’s a breakdown of what those drivers are, the README below describes the versions of the components found in the Surface Pro 3 cumulative firmware and driver update package, released in March 2015.


EC   ECFirmware.inf
SAM      3.9.350.0   SamFirmware.inf
TOUCH    426.27.66.0 TouchFirmware.inf
UEFI     3.11.450.0  UEFI.inf


Accessory SurfaceAccessoryDevice        2.0.1012.0     SurfaceAccessoryDevice.inf
Accessory SurfaceCoverAudio             2.0.722.0      SurfaceCoverAudio.inf
Accessory SurfaceCoverClick             2.0.375.0      SurfaceCoverClick.inf
Accessory SurfaceCoverTelemetry         2.0.722.0      SurfaceCoverTelemetry.inf
Accessory SurfaceTouchCover             2.0.722.0      SurfaceTouchCover.inf
Accessory SurfaceTouchCover2FwUpdate    2.0.722.0      SurfaceTouchCover2FwUpdate.inf
Accessory SurfaceTouchCoverFwUpdate     2.0.722.0      SurfaceTouchCoverFwUpdate.inf
Accessory SurfaceTypeCover              2.0.364.0      SurfaceTypeCover.inf
Accessory SurfaceTypeCover2FwUpdate     2.0.722.0      SurfaceTypeCover2FwUpdate.inf
Accessory SurfaceTypeCoverFwUpdate      2.0.722.0      SurfaceTypeCoverFwUpdate.inf
Accessory SurfaceTypeCoverV3FwUpdate    2.0.1021.0     SurfaceTypeCoverV3FwUpdate.inf
Accessory SurfaceWirelessAdapter        SurfaceWirelessAdapter.inf
Audio     DockingStationAudioDevice      msdokub.inf
Audio     HdAudio                  HDXMSSDS1.inf
Camera    LifeCam                       5.20.1034.0    TrueColor.inf
Display   DisplayAudio           IntcDAud.inf
Display   Graphics              64dp4029.inf
Display   SurfaceDisplayCalibration     2.0.1002.0     SurfaceDisplayCalibration.inf
Network   Bluetooth                     15.68.3073.151 mbtr8897w81x64.inf
Network   SurfaceEthernetAdapter        8.10.0830.2013 msu64w8.inf
Network   SurfaceGigabitEthernetAdapter 8.14.0704.2014 msu30x64w8.inf
Network   WiFi                          15.68.3073.151 mrvlpcie8897.inf
Pen       SurfacePen                 SurfacePen.inf
Pen       SurfacePenSettingsDriver       SurfacePenDriver.inf
System    CapacitiveHomeButton          2.0.1179.0     SurfaceCapacitiveHomeButton.inf
System    CardReader                    6.2.9200.30164 RtsUStor.inf
System    GPIO                      iaLPSS_GPIO.inf
System    I2C                       iaLPSS_I2C.inf
System    LowPinCount              LxLpCore.inf
System    ManagementEngine        heci.inf
System    SATA_AHCI                LxLpAHCI.inf
System    SMBus                    LxLpSMB.inf
System    SurfaceIntegrationDriver      2.0.1182.0     SurfaceIntegrationDriver.inf
System    SurfacePciController          2.0.1151.0     SurfacePciController.inf


About the script


This script is totally automated and builds a complete MDT 2013 deployment solution for deploying the Surface Pro 3 with all drivers included from Microsoft right up to March 2015, all you have to provide is Windows 8.1 x64 Update source files and optionally Office 365.


script in action.png


Download it !


Note: If you haven’t restarted your server in a while, then i’d recommend restarting it before running the script otherwise the installation of .NET may require a restart and that can have a knock-on effect on the installation of Windows Deployment Services.


Here’s the new updated script.


Attached File  Setup MDT 2013 for Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – March 2015.zip   6.33KB   23 downloads


Download it, unzip and run the script as Administrator in Windows PowerShell ISE, for the best experience try this on a new server with only the Operating System copied to the source specified in the variables.


I’ve added some minor tweaks in the script so that you can run it on a previously setup Surface Pro 3 MDT Lab (for example if you created it with say the January version of this script). If any step fails it will simply fail over to the next step, in other words, not pretty but it works.


Once the script has run you should see this


script is complete.png


start up Deployment Workbench and review the new drivers…below i’ve highlighted the new UEFI firmware driver


new UEFI firmware.png


all that’s left to do is UEFI network boot a Surface Pro 3 and see the script in action, awesome !


surface pro 3 ready to install in MDT.png


to get an idea of what this script does see the original post here.


have fun, please try it out and give me some feedback !




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