Can’t export SCM Configuration Baselines to Excel Spreadsheets even after enabling macros ?

I installed Security Compliance Manager in order to export some pre-made Configuration Baselines which I would later import into Configuration Manager 2012. While I was at it I wanted to export the same baselines to an XLS spreadsheet in order to view the options in Excel, but it just wouldn’t work, I kept getting errors. Initially I thought it was due to the following known issue:

The Export to Excel feature of the tool requires you to enable macros in Excel. The export process will not complete if macros are not enabled. Excel will open and you will see a security warning above the workbook. Click the Options button in the security warning, select Enable this content, and then click OK to complete the export process.

But it wasn’t, I enabled Macro security and still got the same error. I recalled that on the computer I installed SCM on, I had also installed Office 2010 Professional Plus, but only selected to install Microsoft Excel and Office Tools. I thought that would be sufficient for exporting the baselines to XLS, it wasn’t.

To resolve the problem I had to run Office Setup again, Add or remove features, select Office Shared Features, select Visual Basic for Applications and choose Run from this computer. Restart Excel and now the Baselines can be exported to XLS without issue,

cheers !


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