When doing BitLocker, make sure your bios is up to date

this is a very quick post as a reminder, if you are doing any BitLocker deployments it’s a good idea to update the bios of your target computers prior to doing BitLocker operations,

while testing out my own BitLocker HTA I noticed an odd problem while doing a Refresh from Windows 7 BitLockered to Windows 7 BitLockered, even though in my previous testing things were working fine now on this laptop i was seeing an error I never saw before

“bitlocker drive encryption – the tbs service is not running and could not be started

As a result of that error, BitLocker could not be enabled via a script which caused problems in my task sequence, the target hardware was a Dell Latitude E4200 with Bios version A08, I upgraded the same computer to bios A22 and the problem magically disappeared, here’s a post via Technet to give you some ideas of updating the bios on Dell’s via a task sequence

ok that’s all for now



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